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Hormonal balance can dramatically increase your quality of life. From sex drive to weight-management to mental well-being; hormone therapy impacts almost every aspect of your life. Once you reach your 40’s, your natural hormone levels decline. At the La Jolla Wellness institute you’ll receive a personal wellness plan that utilizes bio-identical hormones to help you achieve balance safely.

The La Jolla Wellness Institute provides you with the tools necessary to reach and maintain your weight-wise goals. Dr. Benito Villanueva has developed a comprehensive approach to weight management that focuses on insulin control. For the best results, a personal weight management plan is designed for you as well as specially developed shot formulas, and supplements.
The signs of aging don’t always make us feel our best. There are things you can do to help soften the lines that often go along with aging and rejuvenate your appearance without downtime and costly surgeries. Dr. Benito Villanueva will put his artistry and his experience to work for you. Helping you be the best you… for life!

Decades of experience and practice by the leading physician Dr. Benito Villanueva have driven this comprehensive practice to develop wellness plans that will enable you to feel better, be healthier, and look your best across your lifespan. Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, and the libido lifting ‘O’ –Shot are just some of the tools available at the La Jolla Wellness Institute. You deserve to be your best. Schedule a free consultation and discover the possibilities.

Dr. Villanueva has a passion for living well and helping his patients achieve their potential. His almost four decades of experience of caring for patients has helped him refine proven wellness plans for every aspect of living well form hormone balance to facial rejuvenation. Dr. Villanueva is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, but it’s his specialized training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility that has uniquely positioned him to help both men and women find hormonal balance that can dramatically increase their quality of life. From sex drive to weight-management to mental well-being hormone therapy impacts almost every aspect of your life. He is on the cutting edge of therapy utilizing, among others, the revolutionary O-shot designed to restore libido.

Dr. Villanueva lends more than his name to the La Jolla Wellness Institute. He is the onsite physician who develops the personal wellness plans designed just for you.
Decades of experience and research put to work to help you be the best you…. for life!