The signs of aging don’t always make us feel our best. There are things you can do to help soften the lines that often go along with aging and rejuvenate your appearance without down time and costly surgeries. “People want to feel good and look good, “ says La Jolla Wellness Institute Director Benito Villanueva, M.D.
The La Jolla Wellness Institute offers a range of treatments designed to renew and revitalize your look. “Botox injections are the single best treatment you can do to have the signs of aging fade away,” says Dr. Villanueva.

BOTOX injections help relax your muscles in the forehead and eye area leaving the skin with a smoother, younger appearance. You can see the difference in just a matter of hours after the treatment.

Volumizers like Juvederm replace what aging skin has lost. “When we get older one of the things that happens is we loose the volume under the skin. The skin tends to sag and wrinkle,” says Dr. Villanueva M.D. Volumizers help give your skin a plumper, fresher appearance. “A very gentle addition of volume to the lips and the nasal labia folds goes incredibly far in making a beautiful face even more beautiful.”


These non-invasive treatments are done in just a matter of minutes. You can be back at work or play after having the treatments. Let Dr. Benito Villanueva put his artistry and his experience to work for you. Helping you be the best you… for life!