To be the best you for life often means hormone replacement therapy. Hormonal balance can dramatically increase your quality of life. From sex drive to weight-management to mental well-being hormone therapy impacts almost every aspect of your life. Once you reach your 40’s, your natural hormone levels decline. “It’s safe, it’s effective and it changes completely the lives of my patients who use them, ”says La Jolla Wellness Institute Director Dr. Benito Villanueva, M.D.

Weight gain can be a major concern for women who are not utilizing hormone therapy. “If anything they are preventative of weight gain. Every time a study has been done comparing people not on hormones versus those on hormones, the one’s on hormones maintain or loose weight. Those not on hormones tend to slowly gain weight,” says Dr. Villanueva. Studies show men also benefit from hormone replacement therapy. “Simply by using the testosterone it increases their metabolism and they loose weight faster.”

Knowing which bioidentical hormones work best for you is critical. Dr. Villanueva will walk you through your options from topical creams to injectable pellets. You know longer have to suffer from night sweats to emotional turmoil. Dr. Villanueva says his patients just wish they had gotten relief earlier. “They feel better, they feel more energetic, they feel more up to enjoying physical activity and they burn more calories.”

At the La Jolla Wellness institute you’ll receive a personal wellness plan that utilizes bioidentical hormones to help you achieve balance safely. One more tool to help you be the best you…. for life!